Lead Video Production Specialist

Corning Museum of Glass


Corning Museum of Glass is a museum in Corning, New York dedicated to the art, history, and science of glass. Conceived of as an educational institution and founded in 1950 by Corning Glass Works (now Corning Incorporated), the Museum has never been a showcase for the company or its products, but exists as a non-profit institution that preserves and expands the world's understanding of glass.

Guide video crew through project prioritization, conceptualization, planning, and execution
Coordinate with in-house departments to produce video and graphic content for educational, promotional, and corporate purposes and to be distributed in formats for web, exhibition, and events.

Hear from artist Rui Sasaki about her work "Liquid Sunshine/I am a Pluviophile," the 33rd Rakow Commission. Sasaki's recent works address the weather, drawing viewers' attention to the subtle qualities of sunshine and rain and the emotional states they provoke.
Eric Goldschmidt on being an artist: "To develop yourself as an artist you have to develop a relationship with yourself. It allows you to have confidence in how you develop your ideas in preparation to share them with the world."